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One of the first podcast I listened to and its great as always!

I love this podcast

This is the best podcast ever I love it so much it’s so inspiring


This podcast is truly amazing I enjoy every second of it!

Keep it going!

Best podcast out there. Ive learned a lot from this podcast.


Absolutely love this show.

Well done

One of the best podcasts I’ve listened to in a while.

Love this podcast

This podcast is a must listen. I recommend it to everyone.

Top Shelf

Thank you Steve for being the kind of lighthouse this world of entrepreneurs needs! Keep up the great work.


Expertly combines two of my favorite hobbies, a must listen

Great listen!

A lot of great info in this podcast!! Johnh9403

Top Class!

Love everything about the podcast and can’t wait for more episodes! Soccergod1996*

Great 2A Podcast, Great 2A Business

Great podcast! Thank you for sharing your insights on running a successful 2A business. You nailed the two types of gun stores in the Chicagoland area, so happy I found your business. Loved the productivity tips! Keep protecting the flock!


It’s great to finally to hear a podcast about the business insights of the firearm industry instead of just the products. I’m looking forward to hearing from more guests from the industry. Good business knowledge in general for to apply in any industry of business.

Latest listen

These are great!! I wasn’t sure what to expect. Great listening and informative.

Keep it up!

Sounds like these guys are off to a solid start! I wish them continued success!

Great show

Love the pod cast, keep up the good work guys

Great podcast

These guys know what they’re talking about when it comes to firearms and 2A issues. Great work! Love going to Sheepdog for all my firearm needs.


First time listener and so far I like it. Great source of info


Simply amazing. Highly recommend

Tactical Entrepreneur

This looks to become the podcast of choice for any who wish to be truly informed in the Illinois 2A community. Very well done and just getting started.


A friend shared this podcast with me and it is great! So many interesting topics and really well produced. Entertaining and informative at the same time, so I am sharing this with you! Highly recommended.Here are some that I was thinking about, just remove the " and they should look great!

N Roberds

Real applicable value! Such a great podcast to gather ideas for your own business.

Great Podcast with lots of knowledge

Nickname- Big Red. Steve breaks down how to be successful on not only business but in life and gives lots of amazing advice. His guests that he brings onto the show were great additions to the podcasts.

Great Listen!

Give Steve a shot and listen to his great podcast! You won’t regret it.

Love this podcast

I really appreciate the effort you put into it. Thanks for hosting it.

Love this!!

Great job brother!

Love it

Great podcast!


literally one of the best young pods I’ve listened to in the last few days! Totally worth the time


As a navy vet there is nothing I love more then America, guns and good business. #apex


Great podcasts very informative and easy to follow along. Can’t wait for more!